Building an online community that lasts

We all know that building a strong online community can have a huge impact on your online coaching business. 

But how can you build a community that makes people stay? More importantly, how do you make sure you stand out from the other thousands of posts that are released every day?

We’ve found that focusing on your unique communication style and stressing one to one relationships is the best way to build a community that lasts and leads to long term success for you and your clients.

This is especially relevant now, as many of your clients’ lives have been transformed by the effects of COVID-19 and want to feel as though they have someone in the corner to help them stay active and reach their goals.

Follow these 4 key steps so you can organically build and grow your online fitness community:

1. Foster a community culture that’s unique to you  

As a personal trainer, the community you create reflects your culture and niche. It allows your clients to get to know you better and even trust you.

It’s important to create an online community that your members will respond to. The culture that you create will ultimately be what attracts and retains members.  

For example, if your focus is helping clients who want to improve their endurance, your community should include members with that same goal. 

2. Welcome and integrate new members from day 1

During COVID-19, your clients have gone through big changes both in their personal and professional lives. It’s even more important now to make them feel supported and welcomed as new members of the community. 

You can create a community where your clients can interact and connect with you and one another. For example, create a private Facebook group for your clients to join and share their journeys.    

When you create your new community, it can lead to more referrals, which can increase your list of potential clients. Once members join, be sure to welcome them and integrate them into your community right away. As good practice, send across a welcome post, introducing the new members to your community. 

If you decide to use Facebook as the main point of contact for your group, you can tag new members and ask them to introduce themselves to the group. This will spark a conversation between yourself, new members, and previous members too. 

3. Provide multiple face-to-face opportunities

Nothing will ever engage your clients more than face-to-face time with them. Whether that’s allocating time to answer their questions via video chat, or training them through Zoom, face-to-face contact is essential to building a community that will last. 

You can also host Zoom calls with multiple clients where you arrange some fun exercises for them to follow or even a workout game. That way, your clients can interact with you, and other clients. With all the social distancing we’re experiencing, some human interaction can go a long way for your clients and their experience as members of the community. 

4. Keep in touch with your clients through multiple methods

We can’t stress this one enough! Keeping in touch with your clients will engage and motivate them to reach their workout goals. Send a weekly email to check up on them, or call every now and then. Maintaining that connection is crucial when online training.

 If they feel like you’re watching them and that you’re easily accessible, they’ll be more motivated to continue their journey.

Next steps

Determining how you want to build your community is the first step to getting started. Compile a list of all your clients and decide on what platform you want to use. Once you’re done, you can add your clients and start creating content for your community. 

While maintaining a strong community is important to your clients, it is also essential to provide each client with a personalized experience. This can be achieved using the FitDrive App, which allows you to create customized workouts for your clients and track their progress. 

As always feel free to reach out via email at if you have any questions about anything we covered and check out our full online training guide if you want to learn more. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram at @myfitdrive to see other tips on growing your fitness business and using technology to improve the way you train your clients.


Stay Safe and stay fit,


The Fit Drive Team