As a profession, personal training has been evolving for many years with online training becoming a fast-growing service. This transition has accelerated due to COVID-19 and social distancing, leaving trainers with no option but to train clients online. While adjusting may initially be difficult, there is a wide array of tools that can help smooth your transition and help improve your business.

Using different technologies to assist your move to online training will allow you to run a sustainable business and increase your productivity when managing day-to-day operations. These technologies will also allow you to easily organize schedules, workouts and client plans while keeping track of payments in a convenient fashion. They can also help you build an organic following - people who decide to follow your content without any paid marketing who can later join your roster of clients. To help you decide which forms of technology to use, we narrowed down all the available options to a list of 6 essentials.

Here are 6 tools you can use today to run your online training business :


FitDrive is the perfect app to use for maintaining client relationships and planning programs for your clients. FitDrive is used by trainers, while FitDrive Client is used by their respective clients. The app works in a way that helps trainers sync workouts with clients, providing an easy transition and the much-needed convenience we all seek. This can all be achieved seamlessly since you can create an entire weekly workout plan in just a few steps and send them out to clients all through the app. You can select workouts from our database and even upload your own workout videos directly from your camera roll for convenience. The app also allows you to manage clients, track their progress, and even provides their performance results. Download it from the App Store here and start training your first 2 clients for free! 

Social Media

In order to gain some of the organic followers we discussed before, it is important to continue building your brand on different social media platforms. This will attract potential clients to your page and expose them to your offerings. All of this can be done without spending a single dime! 

If you’re looking to simply acquire a larger following, it can be obtained through posting content on Instagram and YouTube, which we discussed in part 2 of our previous series. On YouTube, consider posting videos of some health tips, simple at-home workouts, or even more complex ones! 

When engaging your clients, it is important to consider the platform you’re using. For example, if you’re just browsing on Instagram, reply to your comments and show them you care! You can take this step even further by interacting with clients on Facebook communities where people share the same interests. You can even create forums for a more personal experience. 

Payment Processors

Using an online payment method is essential for any personal trainer. Having clients pay online safely through Paypal, Stripe, or Venmo can save you ample time when tracking payments as all payments are kept together in one safe digital space. This will also reduce friction between clients since you can easily keep track of payments and since it is much more convenient for clients to pay you automatically through a digital platform. 


If you’re the type of trainer who prefers implementing a nutritional diet for your clients, this app will take your meal planning to the next level! MyFitnessPal will allow you to create specialized tools for your clients that cater to their goals. It also tracks your clients’ diet through food journals, which is optimal when managing multiple clients’ meal plans at once. 


With COVID-19, training clients in-person is no longer a possibility. However, maintaining a solid relationship with clients is still just as feasible as it was before. Using a video conferencing tool such as Zoom will allow you to coach your clients just as you typically would (minus the physical interactions of course). This will provide your clients with an easier transition since you can monitor their form during workouts. They can also ask questions directly and simultaneously receive feedback. Training clients on video calls can also particularly help clients that have lost motivation due to quarantine! 

Email & Texting

While staying in touch with your clients through email or text may be a given, it is essential. Keeping in touch with clients is key to maintaining a good rapport, especially during these difficult times. Show them that you care by checking on them regularly! This will allow you to truly share their journey with them, which your clients will value. It is particularly important to support clients now more than ever since training has essentially become virtual, so they need all the reassurance that you can provide them.

Next Steps

Using technology-driven tools to improve your personal training business will help you drive the success you’re looking for. The tools we provided are simply suggestions, and you should try to see which of these fit your needs the most. Remember, it is better to focus on a few tools and really get the hang of them than to use many tools that don't receive your full attention.

As always feel free to reach out via email at if you have any questions about anything we covered and check out our full online training guide if you want to learn more. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram at @myfitdrive to see other tips on growing your fitness business and using technology to improve the way you train your clients.


Stay Safe and stay fit,


The Fit Drive Team