At FitDrive, we’re on a mission to empower fitness trainers to launch, manage and scale fitness businesses online. We’re always looking for brands that align with our values of helping you reach more people, change more lives and live your passion sustainably.

That’s why we’re happy to announce our partnership with Strive Life Athletics & Fitness Education.

What is Strive Life Athletics?

Strive is a leading Certification brand based in Toronto that allows fitness enthusiasts, trainers and athletes to get certified and insured for personal training and group training, both in-person and online.


They empower athletes to utilize their background, their experiences and their passion to serve and connect with others. Their programming is scalable and welcomes the beginner and the athlete by breaking down the key global movements, progressions and regressions for each and practical tips for cueing and coaching clients during in-person or online PT sessions.

After Certifying 150+ Coaches, they recently moved to a blended learning experience with online learning modules beginning on June 29th and an in-person practical coaching segment to learn by doing and build your confidence starting July 4th.

How Can I Benefit?

With the partnership, FitDrive trainers using the app will receive a 10% discount on all certification brands offered by Strive Life. Strive Certified trainers will receive a free one week in-depth course on how to train their clients online and structure their business for long term success and will be able to train their first 2 clients for free using our software.

Feel free to visit their website here and sign up for their upcoming course to learn coaching fundamentals from the best in class!

You can also book a free consultation call if you have any questions on how to get started.

Stay Safe and stay fit,

The Fit Drive Team