Laura Lucas and Steven Haahr are NASM & ACE certified personal trainers, online health coaches, and fitness entrepreneurs with over a decades worth of experience in the health and wellness industry. 

From working for over a dozen major fitness chains in Los Angeles like Equinox, to teaching hundreds of boutique classes at studios Barry’s Bootcamp and Coreology, competing in professional bodybuilding competitions and hosting countless private 1-on-1 and small group training sessions, they’ve truly done it all.


Together, they founded Soulfit Labs, a health coaching company born from a desire to create real change and life transformation.

Their services include custom workout programs, nutrition plans, and mindset development exercises to help clients reach their fitness goals and turn fitness into a passion they can't live without. 

But when the pandemic hit at the beginning of March, everything changed. California went into lockdown and the world went into crisis mode. Supermarkets shelves went empty and businesses across the world closed in droves.

Once powerful gym chains like 24 Hour Fitness and Gold’s Gym filed for bankruptcy overnight. The fitness industry was forever shattered and would likely never return to its pre-pandemic ways.

But despite facing one of the biggest global disasters of the century, the two entrepreneurs saw opportunity. By leveraging their entrepreneurial mindset and emerging technology, they were able to come out of 2020 stronger than ever.

How did they do it? Read on to hear their story.

The Backstory

Let’s start from the beginning, when almost one year ago we met in person with Laura and Steven at a FitExpo in Los Angeles. We were in line to speak with a specific fitness influencer and struck up a conversation.

Right away, we hit it off, and bonded over our love of fitness and technology. In a matter of minutes they agreed to be our very first beta users of FitDrive (back when our name was FYT) and we even ended up recording a podcast together that night!

Over the next few months, we listened critically to their feedback as we launched the first version of the app in April. But as the lockdown started, gyms closed and Laura and Steven were forced to shift their fitness business online as quickly as possible.

As they knew their clients needed connection and fitness guidance more than ever, they brainstormed tirelessly to find the right method for remote coaching. In the end, they decided to devote their time to create the best programming possible with the FitDrive app, adding their own personal touch through customized videos. 

Their personality truly shined through each video and you can clearly tell Laura and Steven carefully invested their time and energy into every word. They clearly communicated the plan to their clients, who appreciated the structure they provided during the chaos of the pandemic.

After testing remote coaching for a few weeks, Laura and Steven decided the best choice for their clients was hybrid training. Check out our #trainertips video series to learn more about the 4 types of online training.

Their clients now train with them in-person at least once per week in their backyard, then follow a program they complete remotely through the FitDrive app for an additional 3-4 days. 

The best part is that when a client finishes a workout, each coach receives an automated push notification to confirm the completed session, encouraging full compliance on each workout.

Their numbers speak for themselves and despite the massive challenges of the pandemic , Laura and Steven took on 4X more clients over 6 months by seamlessly transitioning to hybrid training.


Fast forward to today, Laura and Steven have transformed their backyard into an incredible custom made gym to provide the best possible training experience to their clients (seriously check their IG for pictures).

We even had to create a new pricing plan just for them as the highest tier (25 clients per trainer), wasn’t enough for them!!!

Laura and Steven, it has been a pleasure working with you, listening to your feedback for feature releases and seeing the results you’ve been able to achieve with your business.

Can’t wait to continue this journey with you guys, and see you in person again!

Next Steps

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! If you’re looking to scale your fitness business and get results like Laura and Steven, check out the FitDrive App on the Apple App Store. 

The FitDrive app makes it easy for personal trainers like you to manage your clients and create custom programs that can be delivered in seconds right from your phone. You can keep track of clients’ workouts, progress, and schedule all in the same place, allowing you to create a professional training experience that your clients will value.

Also, be sure to follow us on instagram @myfitdrive and join our Facebook community group to see more tips on growing your fitness business and using technology to improve the way you train your clients.

Stay safe and stay fit,

The FitDrive Team

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Steven Haahr: @stevenhaahrfitness

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