The recent revelations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have caused the entire world togo into shutdown. In just a matter of days, the fitness industry has been forced to move online. Whether you’re an independent trainer or just starting out, personal training has become a digital experience. As trainers, conducting your business online might be the only form of training possible for the foreseeable future. However, you now have the opportunity to launch your online training business, to help keep in touch with past clients and even acquire new ones!

While online personal training may not have been what you expected for your career, it is a sustainable and efficient method of delivering workouts. It presents you with the opportunity to create a systemized business and to even scale it. This means that you can train more clients in less time while still maintaining a consistent income.

If you’re looking to move your fitness business online and acquire a wide array of clients, we’ve posted a three-part series on how to acquire clients during isolation, as well as some tips and tricks! This post is the last of the series, but make sure to keep checking back in with our blog as we continue to post weekly content!

Follow up with potential clients

In the the first two articles in the series, you learned how to define your niche market and build your brand to suit your target clients. Now for the last step, following up.

In marketing, potential clients are referred to as leads. These are people who show interest in your services but are yet to commit as clients. While it may feel awkward to continue approaching your leads, it is an essential part of growing your business. Not only will checking on your clients allow them to view your commitment to their journey, it’ll also prove to them that you’re a committed trainer, something that we can all value. Eventually, some potential clients are bound to value your services, even if it takes several months of hard work!


It’s important to follow up with your leads because engaging with people who share your passions and interests will help create a mutual ground. Also, constantly checking in with potential clients provides many benefits for running your business. These include helping you better evaluate your customer base and your business’ potential. This is essential for setting accurate expectations and acknowledging growth opportunities. Remember to encourage people to try out your fitness program. Just try to avoid taking on the persona of a pushy-salesman’! That is definitely not the vibe we are striving to achieve!


Identifying your niche market, successfully marketing your brand and being proactive with potential clients will help you transform your online business during isolation.

Next Steps

Last thing, if you find yourself stuck, or lacking inspiration, feel free to check out the Fit Drive app. Our mobile application will help make it easy for fitness trainers to create, share and track workouts for your clients.It is fast and easy to use and lets you store all your clients’ information in the same place. The app will help kickstart your fitness training experience!

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Stay Safe and stay fit,

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